Our Vision:

Community Network ModelThe purpose of SOLACE Network is to connect families and neighborhoods together. We’re building our OWN Internet: a secure, local, neighborhood network that we control.

This Internet won’t go down, or become limited, because it’s run by all of us. As long as we have electricity, we’ll always be in contact with people around us.

SOLACE Network provides a modular framework for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s a template for freedom that you can use to transform your life, your neighborhood, and, ultimately, the world. We’re connecting families and neighborhoods together one by one!

Project Overview:

  • Phases 1 and 2 — (2017-2018)
    Design and build an easy-to-use home network server which can communicate wirelessly with nearby servers and devices.
  • Phase 3 — Educational Platform
  • Phase 4 — Business Model
  • Phase 5 — Scientific Research / Future Growth

A Local Communication Network

“We believe in secure, local communication with always-on access to important information.”

SOLACE Network Overview

It’s starts at home…

Your home is the center of SOLACE Network. Store your data locally on a secure server in your house. Even if the Internet goes down, you’ll still have access to local contacts and imporant information. Organize your schedule, your family, your pets and even your smart home with a web browser.


The home server (SOLACE Hub) works together with a customized wireless access point to form a local network around your house.

You can also access SOLACE Hub from your tablet or smartphone (iPhone, Android) with a free mobile app called SOLACE Home. Everyone in your family has shared access to files and information stored on the SOLACE Hub. You’ll be able to save all your files, share messages, reminders, calendar events, photos, video, wish lists, and more on the SOLACE Hub. All of this will be done securely with encryption and simple, automatic backups.

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Then, expands to your neighborhood…

If public Internet ever goes down (for whatever reason), the SOLACE Network will continue to function, allowing secure, local wireless communication with your family, friends and neighbors. SOLACE Network has an online and offline mode. I

SOLACE Network Overlay

When other people in your neighborhood join SOLACE Network, you can start to connect together additional new shared features. We’re building local wireless networks to learn, teach, share, stay in touch, and work together.

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And continues to grow…


After the home and local neighborhood are connected together, we’ll continue to expand. The next step involves connecting neighborhoods together to form local city networks. Then, connecting the cities together to form regional networks. After the initial hardware is built for local-level communication, it’s a matter of planning and scalability to grow to the next level.

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A Local Education Platform

The first two phases of the SOLACE Network project involve building the physical hardware and software network. Phase three of the project involves building a local education and learning platform. The educational component of SOLACE Network is a building block for future services like: Scientific Research and Urban Farming.

There will be homeschool content for K-12 students. (Including lesson plans, quizzes, tests, handouts, and resources created by other members.) But, SOLACE Network is not just for kids. The education platform can be used to teach or learn ANY subject to kids or adults. We picture there being some “core” components to the SOLACE System. These would come pre-installed on a new SOLACE System by default. They could include these modules: Education, Gardening, Reference, Publishing, and Communication.

Additional plugins could be installed by the end-user (just like using the App Store from Apple or Google Play). You’ll be able to browse and search categories and install custom plugins to meet your family’s specific needs. Developers and content producers can package their own educational materials and distribute via SOLACE Network.

Long-term goals include:
  1. K-12 Education (Full Curriculum)
  2. Local Wikipedia
  3. Local References (Dictionary, Thesaurus)
  4. Local Mapping
  5. Online Classes (Traditional Skills)
  6. Online Classes (Hobbies & Fun)
  7. Local Classes
  8. Urban Farming & Gardening Data
  9. Animal Care / Livestock
  10. Mentoring / Tutoring
  11. Scientific Research

All of the Educational features and ideas are not fully developed yet and we need YOUR help! If you’re a teacher, or homeschool parent, or just someone interested in education, please join the discussion.


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Business Model / Crytpocurrency

Phase four of the SOLACE Network project involves creating a new business model for non-profit corporations. We want to create a home-based non-profit decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) which would manage your house autonomously as a non-profit foundation. The organization would be run through rules encoded as computer programs (called smart contracts). The DAO’s financial transaction record and program rules are maintained on a shared ledger called a blockchain.

What if this non-profit had one sole mission: “to provide for the welfare of the house and its occupants”?

The non-profit foundation would provide supplies, necessities, utilities, bills & expenses, transportation and travel costs for the occupants of the house. The non-profit would also provide for the maintenance and care of the house itself (repairs, upgrades, preventative, etc.)

The house (DAO) would have an operating budget and bank account that is operated via smart contracts. There would be budgeting and accounting built into the system with multiple streams of income possible. The  would provide ALL expenses (including food) for the employees. In exchange, the employees would have an obligation to fulfill certain requirements for the DAO smart contracts. These could include things like: providing revenue streams, performing services, or performing jobs and tasks for the foundation. In exchange, the foundation provides the necessities to sustain the house and residents. You and your family would work for this non-profit foundation.

Home Business Model

If you have food and drinks, all your bills are paid, and your mortgage (or rent) is paid, how much more money do you need? Most of our income goes towards buying these things. Whatever’s left, is our ‘disposable’ income. Most of our income goes towards necessities. But, what if the role of your employer were to provide those necessities? If you had everything, what else is there? Would a larger pile of money and MORE stuff bring you fulfillment?

We, at SOLACE Network believe that once you’ve attained a certain level and you have all you need, what is the point of always wanting more? In the end feelings of: greed, covetousness, desire, jealously, lust, and inadequacy just leave us feeling worse. We never become happy or fulfilled because we’re too busy chasing an ethereal consumeristic dream that doesn’t really exist.

The only thing that is REAL and important is friends and family. Everything else is temporary.

Friends and NeighborsA major part of the future business model for SOLACE Network is to live a debt-free lifestyle.  You and your family would determine the level of resourses to maintain your desired lifestyle. Since you work for a non-profit corporation, there’s no requirement to generate additional income above and beyond the limits set by the DAO smart contracts. Additional funds beyond that level would be directed to a general fund run by a non-profit foundation.

The purpose of this fund would be to free others from the debt cycle. Money from the fund would be used to pay off mortgages or debt and free the home-owner from obligation to banks.  After the mortgate was paid off and the home owner was debt free, they would agree to donate any additional profit above their DAO smart contract level back to the general fund. Thus, as more houses are freed from the debt cycle, the larger the fund grows.

Future products and services (under license from the non-profit foundation) which generate revenue would also be rolled back into the general fund. The DAO may be the holder of intellectual property (IP) rights, patents, inventions, research or methods which can be licensed to others. Any profit generated by the non-profit corporation will be put back into the general fund which can be invested, or used to expand the network and increase security for all participating members.

CrytpocurrencyThere would also be a built-in cryptocurrency as part of SOLACE Network. This is a type of scrip (or tokens) which can be used for trade and barter between network members. The end goal is to provide a network which no longer needs “money” in the form of government-issued fiat currency. All expenses would be paid to the appropriate entities to cover expenses (i.e., utility companies and banks) but, the individual users of SOLACE Network really won’t have much need for fiat currency in the long term. It’s a new way to think about “ownership” and necessity. Once you have all your needs met at the basic level, how else will you find happiness?

The fouth phase of SOLACE Network is still conceptual at this point. We are still working on the details. But, we envision a network which can pool group together resources and direct funds towards philanthropic endeavors which will result in greater freedom for members. If you’d like to discuss the future business model ideas of SOLACE Network please join us.


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Scientific Research Platform

The fifth phase of the SOLACE Network project will be possible when the other pieces are in place. This portion of the vision involves scientific research. It’s about becoming a research node on the network. It’s about helping others conduct scientific research. It’s about running a scientific laboratory in your own home and networking with others who are doing similar research.

Home LaboratoryThe most immediate type of research will be botanical. This would be an extension of the Gardening Knowlegebase. Each gardener would have their own Garden Log. This will keep track of local seasons and harvests. Each gardener would keep track of types of plants grown, sunlight, nutrients and fertilizer, pest control, harvest yields, etc. All of this information will be aggregated together as a data feed. This feed might contain sensor log data, historical data, current stats, etc. Combined together, these data feeds would offer insights for scientists doing research into botany and farming.

But, gardening would be just the tip of the iceberg. SOLACE Network would provide a platform for ALL types of scientific research. Some people might study alternative energy (e.g., solar, bio-diesel, wind, etc.) Others might study efficiency (weatherproofing, insulation, heatloss, etc.) or water storage and treatment. But, science is very diverse and covers a whole range of subjects. Imagine having a home laboratory that you use to conduct experiments? It wouldn’t have to be the kind of lab that contains beakers and test tubes (unless you’re a chemist!). As a member of SOLACE Network, you could sign up to conduct any type of research. You could start a new experiment and others could join in to help you conduct research.

As a scientific researcher, you may be eligible for grants, loans, or partnerships from Governments and/or Corporations. SOLACE would give you the platform to take home experiments to the next level. The scientific research component of SOLACE Network would work together with the home education platform as well. Kids who are studying in school could participate in scientific research or start new experiments of their own.

The long-term goal of phase five is to establish SOLACE Network as a research platform. People could participate in the platform or use public data streams created by the network. Access to the network for non-commercial use would always be free. Commercial organization that wanted to have access to SOLACE Network data could pay licensing fees which would go towards the general fund and used to grow the network.

Eventually, the system could include an “Air-BNB” style system where home owners could host visiting scientists. In pursuit of scientific knowledge, scientists could travel to other SOLACE Network nodes and stay and research and share information. Fees and expenses could be included into the system using blockchain transparency. All scientific data could be public and traceable back to the source. This could allow certain groups to qualify for research grants or other opportunities.

Any patents, research, or achievements could be passed on to the DAO foundation which could hold them in trust for the benefit of the network. Any money resulting from the use of these would be rolled back into the network and used for the benefit of all members.

At this point, the Scientific Research platform is a ways off. But, we do want to get feedback and input from people. What would make the perfect research platform? How would this fit into SOLACE Network as a whole? If you’re interested in exploring this idea please join us.


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Please Join Us

We invite everyone to join the discussion and help design the future SOLACE Network. Tell us what the SOLACE Network means for you. What is the perfect local Internet be for you? Your family Your neighbors? Your friends? Let’s build tools and networks to live well together! You can learn more about the technology behind SOLACE Network if you’re into the technical details.

This is a conceptual overview of what SOLACE Network might look like in the future:

SOLACE Network: conceptual overview

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