The SOLACE Hub is the main computer that powers SOLACE Network. solace-hub-server-boxThis is a “black box” from the user’s point of view. They simply plug it in, connect to the network, and they’re able to access all the features on the SOLACE Network instantly. Configuration is mostly done via web browser. (The Hub would have a basic GUI but, this box is designed to operate “headless” — or, without a monitor.)

Anyone who is technically savvy could visit the site, download the free, open-source software and set up their own SOLACE Hub. There are some minimum hardware requirements, but there’s nothing super fancy.

SOLACE Network Diagram
SOLACE Network with Internet access

The SOLACE Hub is a home server that runs in the background and powers your local SOLACE Network. If there’s Internet access available, the Hub will use it to deliver additional services, data and information. But, if the public Internet goes down (for whatever reason), the SOLACE Hub will simply function as a node on the SOLACE Network. As long as you have electricity, you and all the people around you, can form your own little mini Internet.

SOLACE Network members will be able to stay in touch with friends and family and have a local resource to search for information during emergencies. The beauty of the SOLACE Network system is that it’s very easy for non-technical people to use. If you can plug in wires, then you can get yourself on the SOLACE Network!  The other hardware component that comes in the box is the SOLACE Access Point.


SOLACE Hub Features:

  • Shared Lists (Shopping, To Do, Wish List)
  • Shared Calendar Events
  • Personal File Organization and Storage (Pictures, Videos, Documents, Music)
  • Individual Lists (Shopping, To Do, Wish List)
  • Simple External Backups
  • Works with SOLACE Network Plugins
  • Alerts and Reminders
  • Notes and Memos (audio, video, text)
  • Simple web-based configuration
  • Local copies of important information
    • Plant Knowledgebase
    • Garden Log
    • Full offline version of Wikipedia (searchable)
    • Full offline version of Dictionary (searchable)
    • Full offline version of local maps
    • Personal documents
    • Contact information
    • Bookmarks (Individual and Shared)
    • Secure Login and Password wallet
  • Teaching and Learning Platform (e-learning)
  • Secure Wallet for SOLACE Coin (cryptocurrency)
  • Functions in ONLINE or OFFLINE mode (depending on Internet access)

home-management solace-core-overview-1