shutterstock_224867176-998x666Many parents are frustrated by the public education system. Taxes and fees continue to increase but, the quality of education keeps going down. Classrooms are more crowded and teachers are forced to use curriculum that is designed by organizations who’s motives aren’t very clear.

Lots of parents have decided that homeschooling makes a lot more sense. Every child is unique and requires an education program tailored to their specific needs. The SOLACE Network contains links, tools, curriculum and resources for teachers and students. We envision a future where kids have access to a wide range of educational resources and parents can select the methods and curriculum that works best for their children.

SOLACE Network provides a framework and tools to enable communication and learning. The future homeschooling tools will beĀ generic and flexible; this meansĀ parents can use methods and materials which work for their own children.

You can customize curriculum to meet your specific needs.

We are just getting started!