Help Wanted!

As the SOLACE Network grows and changes, there will be many needs. These are the types of positions that we are currently looking for.

SOLACE Network is going to eventually be a non-profit foundation and someday may have the funds to hire full-time employees and developers. But, for now, we’re bootstrapping this idea with open-source and freedom. If you want to roll up your sleeves and get involved, you can help us build the future today.

Current Short-Term Needs:


  • Linux OS development experts (packaging, UI/UX, kernel, networking, security, etc.)
  • Encryption / Cryptography experts
  • Software engineers and web developers
  • Designers / CSS / UI experts
  • Hackers / Information Security experts
  • Mobile & Wireless developers
  • Cryptocurrency / DAO / blockchain experts
  • Software project management (GitHub, Traq, etc.)

Get Involved


  • Content producers / social media influencers / makers / creative talent
  • Legal research and insight
  • Accounting (fundraising, budgeting, forecasting)
  • Research & Analysis
  • Writing & Editing
  • Community managers / Social media experts

Get Involved!

Larger Long-Term Needs:

  • Legal / Accounting research, analysis, recommendation
  • Policy Development & Non-Profit¬†Administration
  • Business Management & Recommendation
  • Smart Contracts / Governance / Blockchain transparency
  • Marketing and Outreach (artists, editors, content creators, musicians, entertainers, writers, promoters)
  • Venture Capital / Crowdfunding experts