Community Guidelines

To avoid confusion, we think it’s best to publish guidelines and policies up-front and be completely honest and transparent in all moderation decisions. With that goal in mind, we’ve started to lay a framework for SOLACE Network . These Community Guidelines will change over time as the community grows and modifications are needed. These are the policies that SOLACE Network members agree to adhere to:

  1. No divisive rhetoric or topics.
    Powerful people who wish to rule over society have learned to “divide and conquer”.  They know they’re not powerful enough to take on everyone as a whole. So, they divide us into smaller, more manageable groups which can be controlled. They use differences to split us apart. This includes (but not limited to): race, religion, sex, gender, politics, social status, income level, nationality, etc.. Therefore, we insist that people who are members of SOLACE Network must agree to NOT engage in divisive rhetoric. People who ignore this policy will be issued warnings and abusers will be banned permanently. This also includes images, signatures, and avatars.
  2. No advertising, marketing or proselytizing.
    The SOLACE Network is for learning, teaching, and communication. There’s nothing wrong with free trade and commerce. Markets are essential to human society. That being said, marketing and advertising have become a huge distraction and annoyance in the modern world. Spammers flood forums and chatrooms with junk and make email useless. SOLACE Network members who engage in spamming, flooding, or other forms of “aggressive” advertising, marketing or proselytizing will be issued warnings and abusers will be banned permanently. SOLACE Network is non-commercial and non-profit by design. Areas designated for trade and commerce will be clearly marked.
  3. No illegal, shady or lewd conduct.
    The test is simple: “If it’s not appropriate in public with mixed company, it’s not appropriate here.” The SOLACE Network is for learning, teaching, and communication. It’s not part of the dark web or underground. Illegal behavior will not be tolerated. SOLACE Network will cooperate with law enforcement and Government officials to investigate and stop illegal activity. Do not post about things like: pornography, gore, profanity, nudity, pirated software, drugs or other content designed to shock and offend. People who ignore this policy will be issued warnings and abusers will be banned permanently.
  4. No personal or group insults.
    People have been split into groups and they spend their time fighting with (and insulting) people from other groups. The purpose of debates is no longer to explore ideas, it’s to get in “zingers” and “burns” against the other side. People have forgotten how to discuss ideas with civility & manners. SOLACE Network will not tolerate personal attacks or insults against groups of people. This applies to BOTH sides. If both sides are hurling insults, both sides will be warned and then permanently banned. The only way to avoid bans is NOT engage in insults or backhanded compliments (insults disguised as, or accompanied by, a compliment). In situations where the belittling or condescension is intentional, abusers will be issued warnings and then banned permanently. Insults and personal attacks WILL NOT be tolerated on SOLACE Network.

If these policies change, there will be a log, we’ll post a news update and announce on social media.

Suggestion or additions can be submitted here.

Version 1.0.

Last updated: December 26, 2016 at 15:21 pm