Photo of a PlantSOLACE Network provides a variety of tools help you learn about gardening. Whether you’re in a small apartment, or you have thousands of acres, everyone can learn to grow food. It’s very rewarding once you get the hang of it. Growing plants gives a sense of well-being and accomplishment. It’s a fun project that the whole family can engage in. The gardening component is a core feature of SOLACE Network.

Garden Knowledgebase

The Garden Knowledgebase will exist both online & offline in a local database as part of the SOLACE Hub. This ensures that people will always have access to local plant growing information. The database will be searchable and editable by everyone (just like Wikipedia!)

Garden Knowledgebase

Future gardening features:

Here are some of the future planned features of SOLACE Network:

  • Garden Log: Anyone can use this free tool to organize, plan and keep track of your garden with photos, notes, data, history, sharing and much more.
  • Plant Database: An organized database of plants which includes biological, growth, care, and harvest information.
  • Sensor Feeds: All of your gardening sensor information in published feeds.
  • Scientific research
  • How To Videos
  • Questions / Troubleshooting / Help
  • Composting resources
  • Vermiculture resources
  • Rain collection & water storage resources
  • Beekeeping resources
  • Livestock & animal care resources