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DevelopersNo code or hardware has been produced for SOLACE Network yet. We are in the process of creating technical specifications & requirements documents.

The SOLACE Network (non-profit) foundation will eventually sell branded hardware that end-users can purchase, plug-in, turn on, and start using immediately.

No one will ever be forced to pay to join SOLACE Network or buy anything. If a user is technically-savvy, they can build their own hardware system and download and install the free SOLACE Network software. The source code will always be free.

Project status is: pre-alpha

Project Status: Pre-Alpha

High-level technical overview:

Technical Overview

Phase 1: Planning & Design

(Target for completion is July, 2017)
Goal: Development of Technical Specifications and System Requirements.

Phase 2: Software/Hardware Implementation

(Target for completion is July, 2018)
Goal: Produce working versions of SOLACE Hub, Wireless Access Point, and Mobile Apps

Beyond Phases 1 and 2, the plan is to package and sell these devices via a non-profit foundation. These first two phases of SOLACE Network involve design and build a working hardware communication system. The goal is to make a system that is easy for anyone to use. There are five phases currently envisioned for the future of SOLACE Network. If you’re interested in these, skip ahead to Future Planning or visit the Project Timeline page.

Three Core Components:

1-green-circleThe SOLACE Hub: a server that plugs into the user’s existing home network. This server contains a customized version of Linux which allows local management of data for every member of the family.


2-green-circleThe SOLACE Access Point: a wifi access point with customized firmware. It communicates securely with the SOLACE Hub, other SOLACE access points, and the SOLACE app.

3-green-circleThe SOLACE App: software for smartphones (iPhone and Android) which communicate with the SOLACE Hub via the SOLACE Access Point. The app can also communicate with other nearby SOLACE Apps and SOLACE Access Points.


Future Planning

The SOLACE Network Timeline envisions 5 phases of the project. We are currently in Phase 1.

Phase 2 is the actual hardware network. The majority of the effort will be on completing the first two phases. This is the hardware communication network (core system).

Beyond Phase 2, we focus more on adding functionality and content. There are also systems planned which can extend the reach and scalability of SOLACE Network. Some examples:

  • Business model: Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
  • Blockchain / Cryptocurrency / Digital wallet
  • Education learning & teaching platform (LMS)
  • Independent news publication & media broadcasting / journalism
  • Scientific research / data collection / collaboration / publication
  • Expanded farming & plant data information database
  • Charitable foundation with fund for expanded philanthropy
  • Secure smart home management
  • Inter-regional & national connectivity
  • Global connectivity
  • Advance network optimization / encryption / compression
  • Big data / data mining
  • Emergency Preparedness / Disaster Training & Information
  • Semantic web / IoT
  • Encrypted & Distributed Filesharing
  • Plugins & Community features
  • Live events / Public education / Training classes
Future possibilities for SOLACE Network
Future possibilities for SOLACE Network

Help us imagine and build future phases by joining the SOLACE Network Community.

If you want to get involved in the development of SOLACE Network, join the Forum.

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