SOLACE NeighborhoodsLevel Two  is all about organizing your neighborhood. This exists in the form of a website to help your friends and neighbors stay in touch and communicate with each other. Currently, there is no hardware network so this will exist on our site at:

After the hardware network is built, the Level Two system will shift towards a decentralized, local version which will operate on the SOLACE Hub with or without public Internet access.

Level Two (Neighborhood) Features:
  • Communication: phone tree, text alerts, emergency contact info.
  • Local who’s who database: names/relationships/ages/birthdays/addresses.
  • Safety: emergency preparedness info & planning (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.)
  • Harmony: tools for sharing, helping, and interacting with each other
  • Polling / Voting / Quiz
  • Shared Event Calendar
  • Pet information (pet-sitting, noise problems, dog-walking, names, etc.)
  • Kids (sports teams, clubs, names, school info, calendar, photos, etc.)
  • Shared Videos / Pictures / Documents
  • Local News / Weather
  • Bulletin Board / Classifieds
  • Borrowing / Lending / For Sale / Giveaways
  • Vacation settings (tasks, reminders, notes, etc.)
  • Construction work currently being done (neighborhood news)
  • Security / Safety concerns
  • Local crime data & reports
  • Live Chat / Text Messaging
  • Party planning and invitations
  • Important neighborhood info
  • Requests / Help needed

As people join SOLACE Network they will have an option to invite their friends, family, and neighbors. The first person to sign up from any local neighborhood is automatically designated the “neighborhood captain” for the immediate area (10-12 houses or apartments).  When friends and neighbors join SOLACE Network they can join an existing neighborhood (if it already exists) or, create a new neighborhood.

Neighborhood captains can invite their neighbors to join SOLACE Network electronically or, manually assist non-technical neighbors and get them connected. (Non-technical users will benefit from SOLACE Network by having easy-t0-use options like: printed emergency contact info, phone text alerts, and pre-configured emergency devices which require no configuration.)

The neighborhood maps would be secured and encrypted. Local info would only be available to members in that local neighborhood who have the local password. Neighborhoods would be self-forming. The people would determine which houses or apartments are included in the neighborhood map. The only public info would be the name of the neighborhood, and the map of the houses included. In the beginning there will be very few. But, as they grow and spread, neighborhoods will expand, merge, and change to suit the needs of the local people.

As neighborhoods connect together, they can start to help each other. One of the problems that we have is that we all try to take on the system individually. We all work as individuals and try to do everything alone. If we communicate with our friends and neighbors we can share the burdens and make local living a lot easier. We can help babysit, we can feed or walk pets, we can ask questions and get help. Most people want to help but, we don’t know what to do. The SOLACE Network neighborhood provides a tool for communicating and living well together.

If you would like to be part of the planning for SOLACE Network Level Two (Neighborhood), please join us the community forum. Share your ideas about how the perfect local communication network would work for you and your friends and neighbors.


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