Level One is about YOUR home. The SOLACE Hub functions as a gateway to the SOLACE Network but, it also contains everything that you need to manage your smart home, connected devices, and personal information and data.

SOLACE Local Cloud

Level One gives you a local place to back up all of your important files (pictures, documents, video, music, etc.) You can set up individual accounts for each family member. There is also a shared account (House) which can be accessed by all members of your local network. Files & data are stored on your own hard drive at your house. There is also a simple method for creating secure backups to an external hard drive, DVD, or flash memory drive. You can manage your entire house using the SOLACE Hub!


An Account For Everyone

The SOLACE Hub lets you set up Individual Users or Family Accounts (with Children). Each Individual User will have their own lists, file storage, profile page, account settings, and backup options. Individual User accounts include these features:

  • Notes & Memos
  • Calendar
  • Alerts & Reminders
  • Shopping List
  • To Do List
  • Wish List
  • Document Storage (pictures, files, music, video)
  • Personal Publishing
    • Vlog / Blog
    • Social Media Feeds (Online Mode Only)
    • Web / Print
    • RSS / XML Feeds
  • Chat / Text Messaging
  • Security (external encrypted backups)
    • Finances
    • Health records
    • Personal info

Easy to Use

Everything on Level One (Home) is configured and displayed via a web browser.  You just plug the SOLACE Hub into your existing network, turn it on, and you’re up and running! The system is designed to be simple to use and operates in “Beginner Mode” by default. The interface is simple. The options are simple. There are no confusing computer terms or acronyms to learn. (Advanced users can switch to “Advanced Mode” to see additional features and technical options.)


Online Mode & Offline Mode

The SOLACE Hub can function in two different modes: online and offline. If public Internet access is available, the SOLACE Network can provide additional information and features. It works along side of the existing network as a ‘virtual overlay’. But, if public Internet access is not available (for whatever reason), the SOLACE Hub switches to offline mode.

SOLACE Network Online Mode
SOLACE Network in Online Mode
SOLACE Network Offline Mode
SOLACE Network Offline Mode

Educational Info That’s Always Available

The SOLACE Hub also contains LOCAL versions of knowledge databases. For example:
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Having a massive repository of human knowledge is useless if you access it during an emergency situation. If the public Internet goes down, you’ll still be able to search Wikipedia and find information. Another critical database will be gardening information.

Garden KnowledgebaseA Garden Knowledgebase is also included. This contains everything you need to know to grow you own food. Useful plant will be listed with detailed instructions on planting, care and maintenance, harvesting, and more. If the public Internet ever becomes unavailable (for whatever reason), you’ll have access to information that you need to research and feed your family and neighborhood.

Other offline databases could include: dictionaries, atlases, maps, educational resources (K-12), translation, medical, scientific, etc. Level One (Home) would be designed in a modular way with a plug-in system. There would be 4 or 5 core plug-ins that come preinstalled with the system and others could be downloaded and installed to customize and offer additional features.

Smart House Control

SOLACE Hub will come with open-source (vendor agnostic) software preinstalled to manage your smart house. OpenHAB is a software for integrating different home automation systems and technologies into one single solution that allows over-arching automation rules and that offers uniform user interfaces. More and more new cool devices and technologies arrive at our homes every day. But they all lack one important feature: a common language they could speak to each other to create a really automated and smart environment at home. This common interface allows you to connect all of your Internet of Things (IoT) devices together. All of this could also be connected to biometric ID for members of your house, stored locally, and encrypted. Imagine unlocking your door with a thumbprint or turning on lights with your voice. The software can be customized  & has an active developer community.

Future Expansion

The initial goal is to provide always-on emergency communication & local resources. As SOLACE Network grows and matures, we will be adding additional functionality. Future features could include:

  1. Better integration with Internet Of Things (IoT) devices for data collection & research.
  2. Cryptocurrencies (electronic money) & digital wallets
  3. Data publishing and feed aggregation for scientific research
  4. Learning modules and customized curriculum
  5. Community integration (chat, forums, file sharing, classifieds, etc.)
  6. Voting, surveys, and polling options



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