Imagine SOLACE Network as a series of concentric rings with your home being at the center:

Concentric Rings

Level One Is Your Home…

SOLACE Hub serverSOLACE Network is 100% local. It’s the opposite of storing everything “in the cloud” on different sites around the Internet. Instead of giving large corporations (and government spy agencies) direct access to your personal life, you store everything locally –at your house– and you share what you need with people you select.

SOLACE Access PointYour photos, music, documents, notes, recipes, reminders, videos, calendar and more are all stored on the SOLACE Hub.

Everyone in your family has their own private accounts. You just plug the SOLACE Hub into your existing network, and configure it via a web browser. You’re now a local node on the secure SOLACE Network and you’re able to communicate with other SOLACE Network members. The SOLACE Hub works with another piece of hardware called the SOLACE Access Point.

Both of these devices work together to allow local, secure wireless communication. If your family and neighbors also have SOLACE Hubs and SOLACE Access Points, you’ll be able to communicate and share information with each other whether the public Internet is functioning or not. The final piece of the SOLACE Network is a software app that you download to your Android or Apple smartphone.

SOLACE Network phone app

These three components together form the basis of the future SOLACE Network. You and your family store your important information and data locally on your SOLACE Hub. Then, you can then access it from anywhere via the SOLACE Network.


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Level Two Is Your Neighborhood

After you sign up and start using SOLACE Network, you can invite your friends and neighbors to sign up too. It’s completely free and unlocks many new features for your neighborhood. You can use these free tools to communicate, learn, ask and connect with each other.


You will get free access to tools like:

  • secure, shared contact list
  • secure forum
  • secure chat room
  • secure instant messaging
  • secure text-alerts
  • private polls & surveys
  • local information
  • emergency preparedness information
  • emergency contact info
  • digital currency / cryptocoin wallet

Everyone is busy these days with different schedules. It’s hard to connect and meet up with your neighbors. SOLACE Network provides tools and services to connect neighborhoods together.

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Level Three is your City

After enough local neighborhoods connect together, they’ll start to form a city-wide network. This network of neighborhoods will unlock new tools and features. SOLACE Network could provide a framework for city management & coordination. Links to resources, future planning, public records, city information, Government resources, and more would be found in Level Three (City).


Neighborhoods will be able to work together to identify problems and find solutions. Future tools could include voting, requesting city services, connecting public Government database information together, looking up city ordinances and laws, communicating with the Mayor’s office, Police Dept., Fire Dept., etc. SOLACE Network Level Three (City) will also give citizens access to public city budget and spending information. There could even be special plugins written for Government agencies to tap into resources on the SOLACE Network.

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Level Four is your Region

This is a network of cities. SOLACE Network could help with local emergency preparedness, news and information, resource coordination, emergency communication, and more. At this level, the SOLACE Network starts to take on a whole different set of characteristics. The interconnection between Local, City, & Region levels make sure that problems are being identified and solutions are being found.


Learn More About Level Four (Region)

Future Expansion

The natural extension of this model is: State, Nation and Globe. There are many ideas for how these parts could connect together. For now, these levels remain theoretical. There are no plans to expand beyond the Regional Level at this time.

We have a large task ahead building the local network. But, we should be discussing and planning for future growth. Please connect on social media and join the mailing list to be a part of the planning and discussion.