Single Point of Failure
Internet has a single point of failure

Current networks are controlled by corporations and governments. Your personal info and behavior are tracked and sold to the highest bidder. When emergencies happen, these networks (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc.) are often unreachable. We rely on them to stay in touch and communicate but,  they’ve become a single point of failure.

We need to build open and distributed methods of communicating which are reliable and trustworthy. We need to entrust NON-PROFIT and OPEN-SOURCE CORPORATIONS with these tasks.

If the purpose is just to educate and communicate —not make money— the network automatically becomes more reliable. We believe that local communication is the answer. The goal of SOLACE Network is to connect friends, families, and neighborhoods together in times of emergency and also day-to-day living.


SOLACE Network is a framework for connecting with family and friends. Specifically, it’s a collection of hardware and software tools for organizing, communicating, learning, and sharing. The long-term goal is to build our own Internet. SOLACE Network is a community of people who are working to make the world a better place. You can learn more by reading about Our Vision.


SOLACE Network was imagined and created by a mother and son team from San Diego, California.


SOLACE Network is current in ‘pre-Alpha‘ stage. We’re still designing, planning and conceptualizing things as we go. The goal is to launch the public web site in December of 2016, raise awareness, raise funds, and begin developing hardware and software tools in 2017. The goal is to have a wireless communication network up and running by 2018.


SOLACE Network headquarters is based in San Diego, California. There will be local events planned for people who live in and around the San Diego area. But, we hope that as the SOLACE Network idea spreads, we’ll see local events around the globe.


Are you a software developer? Check the Developer Resource Site.

Do you have other questions about SOLACE Network? Please contact us!